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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 by Nick Maunders

Some of you may be thinking why I’m reviewing a year old game. True, if you have an Xbox 360 or a PC then the game has indeed been out just over a year. However for all of us PlayStation 3 owners there is a different story. Originally Mass Effect 2 was exclusive to both the Xbox 360 and the PC: However this has no changed. Just over a month ago one of the best games of 2010 was appearing on the PS3.

Mass Effect 2 is an action shooter rpg game which revolves around you, Commander Shephard, and the decisions you make throughout the game. Want to play as the ultimate baddie? Or would you prefer to be a hero that everyone looks up to? Or maybe even a bit of both! The possibilities in this game are endless and even the smallest decisions you make can effect what will happen later in the game.

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No I’m sure if you’re an rpg fan your already excited about what your hearing, but what if you’re not? Do you prefer just to go on a shooting rampage? Well fear not because this game also lets you do that! The words are in the genre “Action Shooter” if you want to play the game by just leaping into the enemies and gunning them all down then go for it! When you start the game there are 6 character types you can play as.

The first class is the Solider. Now if you want to spend the game shooting people down without worrying about using technical or biotic powers this is the class for you! You’re trained in all weapons and you start the game with more health than any of the other classes. This is a great class to play as if you’re new to the Mass Effect world. Next up is the Engineer. This class specialises in tech so you’ll be excellent at hacking into computers and even having your own combat drones to fight for you! Another class is the Adept. This is solely about biotic powers which mean you can hurt and destroy enemies without having to fire a shot. Then from these 3 base classes come e more mixed ones. The Infiltrator is a mix between the Engineer and Soldier; the Vanguard is a mix between the Solider and Adept; whilst the Sentinel is a mix between the Adept and the Engineer.

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The plot of the game is brilliant. Without giving too much away it involves recruiting a team of the best specialists in the galaxy to help you take down a major enemy species known as the “Reapers” This has you travelling around to different planets searching for clues on how to find and beat them before it becomes too late. The more companions you find the higher your chance of victory becomes – so it’s pretty essential to get all of them if you can.

If you’ve played Mass Effect before then there are a number of improvements you will notice whilst playing the games. Ammo for example is much more valuable. In the previous game ammo was pretty much unlimited, the only problem was your weapon could overheat so you couldn’t fire continuously for a long period of time. In Mass Effect 2 this doesn’t happen but the ammo you can carry and collect is lowered dramatically. This means you need to be careful with your ammo, shoot only when you need to shoot, otherwise you might find yourself out of ammo when you need it the most! Some enemies drop ammo when they are killed and you can find ammo packs lying around on most areas.

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Also in the previous game it didn’t matter where you shot them because it killed them regardless. This game is much more strategic. If you shoot there head you’ll inflict more damage than usual; whereas if you shoot them in the leg you may cripple them to make an easier target. The health system has also been modified, if you get shot but get out of the way of enemies for a while then your health and shields will regenerate over time.

One more thing that should be mentioned is the cover system which has been revamped. Cover I feel is one of the most important features of a shooter game, and this game has one of the best cover systems I’ve seen. You can only enter cover by manually running or moving it towards it and cover is your best friend in this game! Choose not to use it and you will die. The great thing is that the enemy also use cover which makes the game that much more realistic and difficult.

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Well overall then this game Is quite brilliant. Whether you’re a fan of a shooter or rpg’s this game should be great for you! 9.3/10

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