Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Sunday, November 29th, 2009 by Nick Maunders

Supposedly the most anticipated game of the year and to be honest it’s easy to see why. The Call of Duty Series has been going on now for years and every year the games get better and better. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is no exception. In my opinion its 10 times better than World at War in hundreds of different ways. A sequel to the 2007 game of the year Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 takes place in numerous locations across the Earth; from the sandy plains of Afghanistan to the sandy beaches of Brazil (although you don’t see or go to the beaches).

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If I start by talking about the campaign mode I have to say that it has to be the best so far. There are 18 missions (well actually 19 but I’ll leave you to find out the last one!) split into 3 different acts. Each mission is fun, challenging and is a great option to play first if you are new to the Call of Duty franchise. The first mission’s even a tutorial which helps you learn the basics; it also features a time-trail exercise which at the end suggests to you which difficulty section you should have on the game regarding how well you did in the trail. I won’t give too much away but the ending is absolutely brilliant, in-fact saying that all of the missions are brilliant. In previous games there is usually one mission that stands out for me as being annoying, but in this game there are none. Although I must mention that mission 4 is very controversial and you may have heard a lot of bad press about it. As far as I’m concerned Infinity Ward has done everything they can to warn you off this. There is even an option to skip the mission if you want to.

New to the series is “Spec-Ops” Missions. There are a total of 23 co-op missions (although you can play them alone) which are quite a nice add-on to the game. The missions have three levels of difficulty and you really need good teamwork to complete the missions on veteran difficulty. The death cards in the previous game which seemed to serve no real purpose except in online co-op mode have been replaced by enemy Intel. Although this again serves no purpose (except for receiving a trophy/achievement) it actually makes sense that there is enemy Intel to collect.

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Now we move onto the best part of the game … multiplayer mode. Currently there are 16 maps to choose from (although there will probably be more soon) which are all unique to each other. Some maps are in Brazil, some in Afghan and some somewhere else. Each map has its advantages and disadvantages. Some maybe better than others but I feel that each map is great in its own right.

The weapon list has been completely redone as well with over 40 different guns. One major advantage this game has is that the shotgun category has been moved down to secondary weapons. So now you can have an SMG, LMG or assault rifle as well as a shotgun. The attachments for the weapons are plentiful as well. In World at War there were only a couple of attachments but in this game you get the whole package. Heartbeat sensors, akimbo (the ability to wield dual weapons), thermal scopes, rapid fire and silencers just to name a few. This makes the games much more interesting. And of course where would any good shooting game be without perks. There are new perks introduced in this game such as: Bling (which lets you have two weapon attachments), Hardline (where killstreaks require 1 less kill), Last Stand and One Man Army just to name a couple. Also new to the game are deathstreaks. If you happen to be doing really bad in a game then once you have been say killed 4 times in a row you get a little bonus to help you get a comeback. There are only 4 deathstreaks in the game and one of them is the ever favourite Martyrdom.

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One of the biggest expanses in the game has to be the killstreaks. In World at War there were simply 3 killstreaks. Radar, Artillery and Dogs. In this game there are 15 different kinds! Starting from a simple UAV when you get 3 kills, to user controlled predator missiles when you get 5 kills to an end of game tactical nuke if you manage to achieve 25 kills. Nothing is more satisfying than achieving a triple kill after sending a missile from an AC130 into a group of enemies.

One more thing that should be mentioned is the wide range of equipment available. Instead of just frag and sticky grenades you now also get throwing knives! These knives are absolutely awesome and can save your life if you master them. Just imagine your reloading when an enemy appears a distance off in front of you. A grenade wouldn’t kill him because by the time you’ve thrown it he would have killed you. So simply throw a knife at him and it saves your life!

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Well I think that goes over the basics of the game and why you should buy it! I would rate it 97%!

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