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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 by Nick Maunders

Possibly one of the most anticipated games for the PC, the Sims 3 has been out for just under a month now. But does it match up with what many people were thinking? Having done some research into the game I can tell you how good it really is.

Well things didn’t start off brilliantly. After buying the game I found out that it was unbelievably slow to play so I had to spend £40 on some new RAM for my computer. Not so good so far. Although the new look of the game is that you can play outside your house now it means you need a really good computer. Basically if you haven’t bought a new computer in the last year the chances are you’re going to have to do something to upgrade it. I think that it’s a shame that EA thinks we all have top-notch computers we in fact most people don’t.

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However that is one of the few bad points about the game. Once you get the game working it is pretty good! Having changed quite a bit from the Sims 2 the annoying needs of comfort and environment have been removed (hurray!). This means that you no longer have to litter your walls with thousands of pictures to make your Sims happy. There is also now a new thing called traits. There are a total of 63 different traits however there are also a couple of secret ones which I will go into in more detail later.

Traits are very important in your Sims life. How many traits you choose depends on the age of your sim. 2 for a baby, 3 for a child, 4 for a teenager and 5 for everything else. If you are a baby, child or teenager then when it becomes time for you to go into the next age group you get two options: If the sim is unhappy a random (most likely to be negative) trait will be selected for him/her. However if they are happy you get to select the trait! Some traits included in the game are Genius, Brave, Loser, Neat and Handy to name a few. For a full list of traits I’ll post a blog soon.

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With traits also come Lifetime Wishes. These are affected by your traits. There are over 30 wishes and the game selects a possible 5 for you sim based on your traits. The lifetime wish you select will be your Sims overall goal in life. There are many wishes such as Rock Star, Become a Master Thief and Celebrated Five-Star Chef.

Anyway the main highlight of the game is the fact you can openly explore outside your home. You can watch your kids on the school bus to school, you can even get them their yourself either by bike or car. There are no limits (except for staying in the boundaries). Of course that means that the create-a-neighbourhood option is no more and you’re stuck with one town. But you can download new ones of the Sims 3 store.

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The create-a-sim mode has also been updated and improved with new clothes, new designs and more. You can create your own designs on clothes etc. You can customise your Sims anyway you want … you can even change their eye colour. Perfect for someone wanting to create an evil sim with red eyes!

If you are unsure on whether your computer can withstand playing the Sims 3 then I would recommend going to this website: However make sure you also check the results yourself. Sometimes although it may say you pass you could fail.

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Overall I think the Sims 3 is a very good game to play it’s just unfortunate that many people will be disappointed when they realise they won’t be able to play it on their computer. I would give it 91%.

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