Wolfenstein: The New Order – Part 4 Playthrough HD

July 29th, 2014 by Nick Maunders

Who lives? Who dies? Can we escape from the Nazi fortress? All will be revealed in Part 4 of Wolfenstein: The New Order! Beware of awful hair cuts and surprise fatalities though!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Part 3 Playthrough HD

July 27th, 2014 by Nick Maunders

After landing next to the Nazi Fortress we must now break in and kill the commander! What could go wrong? Shield your eyes! Can we scale up the Nazi fortress and put an end to World War II once and for all? Only a dazzling smile stands in our way, find out what happens in the latest episode of Wolfenstein: The New Order!

Mario Kart 8: Lightning Cup

July 22nd, 2014 by Nick Maunders

Introducing the final four races in Mario Kart 8! Including the N64 Rainbow Road which has caused much debate, do you love it or hate it? Watch now to find out!

In the Lightning Cup we have: Tick-Tock Clock (DS); Piranha Plant Pipeway (3DS); Grumble Volcano (Wii); Rainbow Road (N64). This cup is a bit upsetting to me as Rainbow Road for the Nintendo 64 has to be my most favourite race in the Mario Kart series. Unfortunately they’ve shrunk it so the amount of time it takes to complete is less than one original lap of it, what a pity!

What do you think of the updated Rainbow Road? Are you disappointed like me? Let me know in the comments!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Part 2 Playthrough HD

July 16th, 2014 by Nick Maunders

Can we meet up with our teammates? A host of Nazi’s hidden underground and robot monsters stand in our way. Watch Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 2 now to find out!

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Part 1 Playthrough HD

July 14th, 2014 by Nick Maunders

The Nazi’s have won World War II and are creating monstrosities like giant robot dogs! Do you have what it takes to stop them? Find out in Wolfenstein: The New Order!